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Six-Paths-Mantra Sanskrit Black Mahogany Bracelet for Spiritual Balance

Six-Paths-Mantra Sanskrit Black Mahogany Bracelet for Spiritual Balance

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Understand your path to happiness through the wisdom of others! Developed out of a desire to help people achieve their goals and dreams, this six-path bead bracelet features the power of Sanskrit mantra. This black mahogany wood bead bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants to become closer with it's meaning, its beauty and its creation story.

The Six-Paths-Mantra is a gorgeous bracelet with 108 prayer beads in Sanskrit written on every bead, each of which represents one of the six paths towards enlightenment in Buddhism. The mantra is Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum, which means 'To win over evil and negative energy and achieve Buddhahood. Surround yourself with the positive energy of meditation in order to find your happiness on your journey

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