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Egyptian God Thoth Transcribing The Emerald Tablets- Digital Art Frame

Egyptian God Thoth Transcribing The Emerald Tablets- Digital Art Frame

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Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and writing, is depicted as an ibis-headed man holding a pen and papyrus. Known as "The Lord of the Words," the "Scribe of the Gods," and the "Master of the Divine Word." In addition to his role as a deity of wisdom and knowledge, Thoth was also considered to be a patron of scribes and was revered for his role in the creation of the written word.  he was revered in ancient Egypt as the keeper of secrets and chief architect of reality. It is said that Thoth transcribed the emerald tablets that were given to humanity by the gods of creation. As you can see, his sense of destiny was extraordinary — perhaps a trait that still resides in all of us today.


Hang This In Your Home Invoke His Spirit Within Your life

-100% cotton fabric canvas
-Poplar wood frame with walnut or black finish
-High image quality and detail
-For indoor use only

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