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The Egyptian God Ra, The Sun God - Digital Art Framed

The Egyptian God Ra, The Sun God - Digital Art Framed

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Ra is the god of sun and light. He was a creator god, associated with the life-giving power of the sun, who had become identified with Re’s most important epithet “son of Re.” He was often shown as an old man with a solar disk on his head, but I prefer to use his other representation with the head of a bird. 

Ra, the most powerful god in the ancient world worshiped by the Egyptians, is shown here in all his glory and strength. Painted with vibrant colors to celebrate his power and personality, this abstract depiction of Ra will add a sense of culture and modern flare to someone's home. It can be used as a great decoration piece or as a unique gift for any occasion.

-100% cotton fabric canvas
-Poplar wood frame with walnut or black finish
-High image quality and detail
-For indoor use only

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